December 13, 2008

Saturday gallery

Here they are! European Champs Scotland L-R David Murdoch, Ewan MacDonald, Peter Smith, Euan Byers, David Hay (coach), Graeme Connal (alternate). Photo by Hugh Stewart.

And Mirjam Ott's Switzerland with their gold medals in the women's event. Pic by Hugh Stewart.

This is the Finnish team which won the B Division and then earned their place in the World Championship at the expense of Sweden in a best of three series. Pic by Hugh Stewart.

Norway topped the women's B division and defeated England in the best of three to ensure that Norway would be in the lineup for the World Women's Championship in Korea later this season. Pic by Hugh Stewart.

Well done to the English women in defending their place in the A League for next season's Euros in Aberdeen. They lost at an extra end of the third game of their world challenge series against Norway, or they would have been going to Korea. L-R: Kirsty Balfour (skip), Caroline Reed (third), Claire Grimwood (second), Sarah McVey (lead) and Suzie Law (alternate) with Alistair Burns (coach) and Stephen Watt (coaching assistant). Pic by Hugh Stewart.

No, it's not a Woolies sale! It's everyone crowding in to the office at Lockerbie Ice Rink for the extra end of the men's final where it's showing on the desktop PC, thanks to the Eurosport player. Photo by Bob.

David Murdoch being interviewed by Christine Stewart after the game. Professional as ever.. David I mean!! Pic by Bob.

THAT'S MY BOY! Marion Murdoch (centre) watching David being interviewed. That's the Ed in the pic too, with RCCC coach Brad Askew, Hannah Fleming and Blair Fraser. Alistair Stevenson took the pic!

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