December 04, 2008

Also showing this weekend

The European Championships may be the main feature this weekend, but also on at home are the finals of the inaugural Double Rink Championship - perhaps the Royal Club's biggest secret of the season. There has been little or no publicity for the event since it was first announced back before Curling Today came on air. Here, each of the ten clubs that has made it this far in the event is represented by two teams. The finals will be played out at Stranraer, with first games on Friday evening, results here.

The Under-17 Slam has its last event of the season at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton. Twenty-two teams of our young curlers will be taking part. Results will be here.

And the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship prequalifying competition is on at Aberdeen. There are twelve teams entered at the Curl Aberdeen rink. They play off in two sections, the top three from each going forward. Find the results here.

Now, a total of twenty teams is required for the main qualifying competition next month. Seven of these were straight though on the basis of eligibility from last season's Scottish finals. Seven more qualified via the Mini Tour. That leaves six places to be filled.

All sounds great, but isn't there always some problem? Logan Gray and his team received a bye to the Scottish Qualifiers as the team contained the skip and one other from last season's team. But Logan has elected not to skip this year, that job being taken over by Pete Loudon. Is the new team eligible? Yes, said the Royal Club's Events committee after discussion.

I must admit that this year's Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship is looking interesting. It's hard to predict who will come through from Aberdeen, and even harder to predict who will be in the top ten. We shall see soon!

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