December 13, 2008

ECC2008: Report 23 Women final Swe v Sui

Sweden and Switzerland met in the final of the 2008 European Curling Championships. Anette Norberg, skip of the Swedish team, was aiming for her eighth European title, Switzerland's Mirjam Ott last won it in 1996.

This was a very tight game right from the start, with last stone Switzerland got a two score, Sweden could score only singles but in the fifth they tied the score at three all. Switzerland got one in the sixth, Sweden one in the eighth. Switzerland with last stone blanked the ninth to keep last stone.

Mirjam Ott made a takeout with her last stone in the tenth to win the game and the Championship 5/4.

Switzerland got gold, Sweden silver and Denmark bronze.

Finland beat Sweden in the men's challenge for the eighth world spot and Norway beat England in the women's.

Over and out from Sweden!


Michael said...

Hi there

Thanks for the interesting coverage on the ECC. Just a small correction: Mirjams last European title was in 1996 in Berne :)

Bob Cowan said...

It's the Ed here. Thanks to Christine.

Michael is correct. Mirjam won in 1996, but it was in Copenhagen, not Berne. I've changed Christine's copy. But I can see why she got it wrong. In the individual stats in the WCF records, Mirjam is noted to have finished third in the ECC in 1996! Just shows you that you can't believe everything you read on the web!

radio303 said...

so how was carmen schaefer? still as charismatic as previously?))