December 13, 2008

ECC2008: Report 22 Final Scotland beats Norway in Championship decider

It's finals day here in Ornskoldsvik and the sun is shining, who will it shine for in this game? Scotland against Norway, a repeat of the 2007 final, Scotland won that one, can they win this one?

Well in the early ends it looked as if it was going to be Norway, they dominated the first half of the games, Scotland were not quite making the shots, the hit and rolls didn't roll, and the draws were a fraction heavy or light.

The Scots looked better in the second half but trailed by two after nine ends, they had last stone for the tenth, they needed two to tie the game. And they got it thanks to a great double by David Murdoch with his last stone... an extra end.

Norway were hitting everything in sight in the extra but had left one short stone, Murdoch drew round it, it was just behind the T line. Thomas Ulsrud for Norway had a draw for the game and the Championship, he was a tiny bit heavy, Scotland, Euan Byers, Peter Smith, Ewan MacDonald and David Murdoch scored one shot for the gold medals.

And who knows the game might make the history books, it lasted all day, that's right the sun had just come up when it started at 11 am and was slipping below the horizon when it finished just after 2 pm!

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