December 11, 2008

ECC2008: Report 19 Playoffs men v Switzerland

Team Murdoch had won their way into the three/four playoff, lose this one and they were out, they met Switzerland. The Swiss weren't the strongest team on paper but had made it to this stage.

This was a one sided game, Scotland had the best of it all they way, they led by three after six ends, a steal of two in the seventh took that lead to five. Switzerland got a single in the eighth and conceded, Scotland won 6/2.

Norway beat Germany in the one/two play off so Scotland will play Germany for the second final spot.

In the women's Championship, Switzerland beat Sweden for a place in the final, Sweden now face Denmark who beat Germany, for the second final place.

England beat the Netherlands to take eighth spot in the league, they are safe in the A league for 2009 but now face a challenge for the World spot.

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