September 05, 2008

Vernon investigation report soon

Friday, September 5 is today's date. Significant? Remember that laywer Michael Nicholson of Harper Macleod was charged with conducting an independent investigation into the events that resulted in the Scottish team at the Ford World Women’s Curling Championships at Vernon in March 2008 playing two games with three players, and the events in Vernon following each of these games. By the end of today Nicholson is due to have sent a copy of his report to Bob Tait, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's Chairman, see here.

So, when might we expect to know the outcome of Nicholson's investigation? The Royal Club's statement on August 7 said, "The report will also be circulated by the Investigator to all Scottish team players at the event, the National Coach, the Team Coach, Support staff and the RCCC representative at the event. The report will also be placed on the RCCC website no earlier than 48 hours after it was sent to the parties."

I am looking forward to reading this report, whenever it appears, with some dread. Can we hope that it will provide a satisfactory conclusion to the Vernon issues? Or will it just be another chapter in this dark saga of Scottish curling?

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