September 21, 2008

Greenacres Junior Masters 2008 second post

By lunchtime today the round robin was completed, some teams were headed home, others had made it to the knock out stages.

In the men's event Paul Russell and Gregory Gardiner topped the standings undefeated, they went straight to the semi finals. Ranking was determined using points, ends, shots, that put Jamie Dick against Michael Reid and John Penny against Grant Hardie in a quarter final playoff.

Dick and Hardie won their games on identical scorelines 4/2 to set up the semi final ties, Paul Russell versus Grant Hardie while Gregory Gardiner took on Jamie Dick.

In the women's event, Hannah Fleming and Claire Hamilton went to the semi finals undefeated, Claire MacDonald and Helen King got their semi final spots on a record of three wins and one loss.

The two Claires met in one game while Hannah Fleming faced Helen King in the other semi.

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