September 27, 2008

Final in Kitzbuehel

The deciding game at the Euro Mixed curling was a tight affair. Rainer Schopp, Andrea Schopp, Sebastian Jacoby and Melanie Robillard did not get the opportunity to establish early dominance in the final against the Czech Republic, as they had in the semi and in their playoff game against Scotland. The teams went into the fourth end break at 2-2.

The Czechs (Jiri Snitil, Hana Synackova, Martin Snitil and Karolina Pilarova) were in trouble in the fifth - there were four German stones counting at one point, and they gave up a single against the head.

Snitil drew the button for his single at the seventh. Schopp's side were one up coming home with the hammer.

It wasn't over. Czech third player Hana Synackova played a perfect draw to the button behind cover and then guarded it well. Andrea Shopp, forced to attempt an angled raise takeout, was perfect and the Czechs were on the back foot again.

Snitil's only hope with his last was an raise clearance at an angle, if he had any hope of forcing play into an extra end. He was perfectly played - too perfect, and jammed it. Germany were the champions. Rainer Schopp's first gold of a long career!

Sweden beat Russia for the bronze medals.

Photos of gold, silver and bronze by Bob. More later.

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