September 22, 2008

Monday's selection from Kitzbuehel

This is where we've been, and where we are now! EMCC2008, Kitzbuehel, Austria. Having a lovely time, wish you were here! But if you can't be here, I'll post a few pics to give you a flavour of the event.

The Serbians are in the Euro Mixed Curling for the first time, but lost to Russia in their opening game.

Scotland's Gillian Howard played well in today's game against Wales.

'The boss with the Boss'. Jorgen Larsen, chief ice technician.

England so nearly beat Denmark in their first game. This is the last stone, the scores are tied. Alan MacDougall has to edge the red Danish stone over the tee and out between the two yellows. It looked perfect but caught too much of the Danish counter and jammed it to the backing. Joel Ostrowski's team stole the game.

English second John Sharp is substituting this week for Andrew Reed. Remember this former junior from Stranraer?

Sweden's Niklas Edin. Pic of the Day?

And for the connoisseurs of attractive Russian blondes, this is Galina Arsenkina.

View from the stands

Irish fans in the stands did not have a lot to cheer about as John Jo Kenny and his team went down to Germany in their first match.

Today's caption competition: "I hear the sound of distant drums......"

Photos by Bob. Find all the results here.

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