September 26, 2008

Friday's hot picks from Kitzbuehel

"Scotland. The End."
or "Did you have to use a wide angle lens for that pic, Bob?" (submitted by David Mundell)
or "What a funny place to park your stopwatch."
or "Who was it that wanted to see more pics of Karen Strang?"
or "One opinion of the Scottish Curler magazine"

Thanks to Karen for being a good sport and not minding being the butt of the jokes tonight!

"Scottish fan in the stands"

Alan Smith

The German team in action against the Scots today.

Andrea Schopp

Germany v Denmark. Captions required!

This is some sort of bonding ritual within the Danish team!

The two sheeter that is Kitzbuehel's curling rink.

Blonde of the day is umpire Katja Weisser!

Here she is again, and can I just say that some people get all the good jobs!

There was a time when the Scottish Curler editor enjoyed vertical rock too, so Bob was impressed with Katja's performance on the speed climbing wall at the Mercedes Benz Sportpark!

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Anonymous said...

Picture 1 - Magnificent.