September 23, 2008

Tuesday's album from Kitzbuehel

This has to be a caption competition! L-R: David Mundell, Karen Strang, Alan Smith.

Top Austrian curler Karina Toth is not on the ice but working on the event daily newsletter, called 'The Guardian'!

Denmark's Joel Ostrowski lost the final last year.

Gillian Howard - sponsored by Kilbarchan Dental Practice.

Blonde of the Day. Hungary's Boglarka Adam (no relation to Scottish Senior Champion and my old skip Graeme of that name). I know, I know she's wearing black - but really I am prepared to make an exception in this case!

We liked the modern design of this stopwatch!

This is what the coaches do between games - the climbing centre adjacent to the arena.

The local Rotary Club has set up a bottle stall at the end of each sheet of ice!

Swiss front row forward Christian Moser.

Umpire Eva Rothlisberger is saying to Spain's third player Martina Zurlohe, "Just put your signature here... on this cheque for the umpire's benefit fund."
And here's hardworking Eva again, with Katja Weisser, measuring the 'Last Stone Draw' distance, which is what this seems to be called now.

My 'wellness' is suffering today (the common cold virus seems to like the invigorating mountain air too), so if no blog post appears after the Scottish second game later today (against Switzerland) check out the RCCC website where Jim Law is doing a good job (here), and of course there are live scores here.

Pics by Bob.

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