September 23, 2008

Scotland game 3 v Switzerland

These were always going to be difficult games for Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Karen Strang today. This afternoon they had to pick themselves up from the morning's narrow loss against the Czech Republic. Again they were off to a good start in their game against Christian Moser's Swiss, but in the second end Gillian was short trying to draw to two Swiss stones behind cover. Alan went to play his first with four lying against him, and the Scots were perhaps a little fortunate to come out of it only losing two.

There was a slim chance for multiple points in the third, but the Scottish skip had a difficult double to play. He was not far away, but the team lost a single against the head after a measure.

This gave the Swiss a lift, and had the opposite effect on the Scots. Alan had a nearly impossible raise with his last and the Swiss stole two more. Down 5-2 at half time!

Moser played a double in the fifth to leave his team with lots of shots in the head. Alan had nothing with his last stone, or so it seemed. He threaded the narrowest of ports and just kissed the counter that would have sprung him over for shot. It was two more away.

Down 7-2, the Scots courageously fought on and pulled right back in the next ends. But the final scoreline showed a single shot victory to Switzerland.

Slovakia, Latvia and France still to play. All the scores are here.

Top: Swiss skip Christian Moser sets up his two in the third end. Above: An anonymous poster wanted more pics of Karen Strang. Here she is working hard with David Mundell in this afternoon's game. Pics by Bob.

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