September 21, 2008

Greenacres Junior Masters 2008 third post

Semi final time at the Greenacres Junior Masters saw Paul Russell against Grant Hardie and Gregory Gardiner versus Jamie Dick. Russell and Dick had to be the favourites having more experience at this level.

But what happens on paper doesn't always happen on the ice. The Russell team, the more experienced, struggled against the Hardie team, a new young team, Hardie led by four after five ends. But the more experienced Russell team got their act together and came out the winners 7/6.

Jamie Dick's team went through the round robin undefeated, then made it through the quarter finals but they couldn't cope with this game going down 2/6 to Gregory Gardiner.

That put Paul Russell against Gregory Gardiner in the final, while Jamie Dick took on Grant Hardie in the 3/4 playoff.

In the final Gardiner roared into the lead with a four shot lead after four ends, Russell managed to get on the scoreboard in the fifth, but the game was already won, Gregory Gardiner, Ross Thompson, Richard Gardiner and Scott Telfer took the title on a scoreline of 6/3.

Grant Hardie's team put up a good fight against Jamie Dick but the Dick team took third spot.

In the women's event Claire Hamilton beat Claire McDonald in the semi and Helen King won over Hannah Fleming to take the second final placing.

The Hamilton against King was a one sided final with Claire Hamilton, Lauren Gray, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr coming out the winners.

The third/fourth playoff between Hannah Fleming and Claire MacDonald was a different story, MacDonald went ahead in the early ends but Fleming fought back, in the final end MacDonald had a shot to win the end but missed to take the game to an extra end. This time the MacDonald team made no mistakes to win the game 7/6.

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