September 20, 2008

Greenacres Junior Masters 2008

The ninth Greenacres Junior Masters 19 – 21 September is the first competition of the season for Scotland’s junior teams, 15 men’s teams and 10 women’s entered the event. Some are established teams, some new for this season.

The men were split into three sections, the women two.

Paul Russell from Greenacres and Murrayfield’s Jamie Dick got off to a flying start winning their two opening games, Lockerbie’s Hannah Fleming led the pack in the women’s event, winning her first two games.

Hannah with two other members of her team Rebecca Kesley and Alice Spence are in the squad to represent Great Britian at the European Youth Olympic Festival later this year.

There’s a lot of games to be played over the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning before the quarter finalists will be known.

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