September 25, 2008

Scotland game 6 v Latvia

Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Karen Strang were definitely up for this one, a game they had to win! Alan drew perfectly to count two at the first, and the team were again off to a good start.

Every game has a turning point. Today it was the second end. Latvian skip Iveta Stasa-Sarsune had played a super hit and roll with her first. Alan corner froze it. An accurate hit would have given Latvia a big three. But the vice skip competely messed up the calling of Iveta's final stone and allowed it to catch a front guard. A very close measure gave the Scots a single.

They stole three more at the third to be 6-0 up, and that was it. Keeping concentration and focus for another three ends was all that was required and the Latvian side conceded after the sixth, with the score at 10-2.

A tiebreaker against Switzerland is next to decide who finishes second in the section. The Czech Republic finished top and are already in the semis.

Find all the linescores and rankings here.

Top photo of the skips by Bob. More later.

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