September 18, 2008

'The hills are alive......'

So, what about a wee autumn holiday? As you know Curling Today went moose hunting in Ostersund in the spring (a reminder here). That was rather fun. But the summer has not been easy. The weather, the price of petrol and heating oil, cost of living increases, getting older, inflation, the credit crunch, worry about the pension, the Scottish Curler magazine! Life can be really quite stressful at times for the old Editor.

I came across a travel brochure from Austria last month, with the photo above, in which the young lady in it says, "Escaping the stresses of life".

It went on, "Fill up with alpine energy!" Sounded good. I read on, "Mountain air is relaxing and invigorating. What could be more appropriate than to combine the advantages of the mountain location with health giving processes. When body, mind and spirit are filled with the energy supplied by the mountains, you will be surprised by the powers which it releases. The sight of the lush meadows, deep green forests and crystal clear streams is sufficient to restore inner contentment. And when the relaxation experts from the wellness oases in Kitzbuehel prove their skills everybody can see what alpine wellness can achieve: a sustained feeling of well-being from the scented mountain air, ethereal oils, healing herbs, relaxing massage and of course delicious healthy cooking. Kitzbuehel means well-being for all your senses!"

Escaping the stresses of life! Alpine energy! Wellness oases! Delicious healthy cooking! Are there still cheap flights to Austria? Is my tent still in the attic? Where's the dubbin for my boots?

Wait a minute. Isn't Kitzbuehel where the European Mixed Curling Championship is taking place next week? I wonder if Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Karen Strang, Scotland's team for the event, are looking to restore their 'inner contentment'?

No moose in Kitzbuehel though. But wait a minute? What's this?

'The one on the left reminds me of someone!' (other captions are available)

The Kitzbuehel tourism website is where I found these images. The website of the European Mixed Curling Championship is here.

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