September 22, 2008

Scotland game 1 v Wales

There are seven teams in section A at the European Mixed Championship: Scotland, Slovakia, Wales, Switzerland, Latvia, the Czech Republic and France. In the first round, Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Karen Strang were up against last year's winners, the Welsh, skipped by Adrian Meikle with Lesley Carol, Andrew Tanner and Irene Murray (better known to most of us as Blair Hughes).

It was a tight, exciting game to watch. The teams swapped twos and were tied 4-4 at half time. The fifth was blanked, and the Scots stole one in the sixth.

Adrian Meikle had played some great shots for his team throughout the game. But facing three Scottish counters in the seventh, he caught the front of these with his last stone and rolled out. Scotland stole two more and were 7-4 ahead coming home. It was enough.

In other games in Section A, the Czechs finished 9-4 up on Latvia, and Switzerland beat Slovakia 8-4. France had the bye.

Scotland have their bye this evening.

You can find all the competition results here.

Top: Sco v Wal from the media bench. Above: The Scots work on their draw shot distance stone! Pics by Bob.

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