January 22, 2009

YARA Farmers Championship

The Yara Farmers Championship is the busiest week of the curling year for the Dewar's Rinks in Perth, bringing as it has done this week seventy-six teams together for the 26th year of the event. I managed a quick visit today.

Alan Wood, the competition organiser, has seen every one of the previous competitions. Today, he was even called on to play! You can find all the scores here. Hot from the press news is that there will be a new champion this season. The holders, Billy Henderson's team, are aiming this time for the Low Road title!

Robert Clark was in fine voice!

Have you ever wondered what happened to former Scottish Champion and Rhona Martin's Olympic Coach Russell Keiller? Here he is at Perth, although he does appear to have changed his name.

Willie Young

Alan Collett and Frank Forrest sweep Michael Sutherland's stone.

A YARA freebie which appeals to the Editor is this little sheep - it's a stress reliever, especially for the skip! You put it in your pocket and give it a squeeze or two when any of your team play off the brush. I think I've got that right?!

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