January 16, 2009

Friday Glynhill update

I went to the dentist yesterday, and she asked me to do this. Gillian Howard.

It's who it says it is! Binia skips a Swiss team.

The schoolkids from Arkleston Primary will remember their morning at the rink. That's the local development officer David Horne at the back of the pic!

Special bus! And thanks to all the sponsors.

Big scalp for Gail Munro and her team this morning - Jennifer Jones's World Champs. You can find all the linescores and results here.

Nominated in the following categories: (1) Brunette of the Day (2) Russian of the Day (3) Best supporting eyes - Ekaterina Galkina, known to her friends as Katya

This is Ian Mackin, the webmaster, and President of the I love Lucy fan club!

Jennifer Jones. Needs a caption.

Euro Champ Mirjam Ott of Switzerland.

Braehead's Liz Paul was substituting for the Netherlands this morning.

Caption Competition. Sara Carlsson and Lotta Lennartson from Cissi Ostlund's Swedish team.

And here's their skip, Cissie Ostlund herself! Do you think they would look nicer in black?

Pics by Bob.


Anonymous said...

jennifer, the sparkle's missing

Anonymous said...

oh my head's popped out my hat!! Ssh...no-one will notice.

Anonymous said...

oh the lady in pink......!

Anonymous said...

Jones caption..?

Must stop thinking about skins.. must stop thinking about skins... must...

Anonymous said...

Jones caption

Ah, dont all my 7 stones look good in the house, wonder if i can get this one in?