January 10, 2009

Perth Masters update

Kerry Burtnyk, above, and David Murdoch were the first two skips to qualify their teams for Sunday's quarterfinals of the Ramada Perth Masters, winning four in a row to come through from the A road. In the fourth round, Murdoch beat Norway's Thomas Ulsrud in an extra end, and Burtnyk defeated fellow Canadian Kevin Koe, for whom Blake MacDonald plays the last stones.

Koe and Ulsrud did however make it through, Koe by defeating Peter Loudon and Ulsrud by beating Wayne Middaugh in the last round of B.

The four other qualifiers from C, coming the hard way through, were Middaugh, Loudon, Yusuke Morozumi and Hammy McMillan.

A new competition now, the quarterfinals are on the ice at the Dewars Rinks at 09.00 Sunday morning. Get along to the rink if you can, or watch online here. An exciting day's play is in prospect!

David Murdoch

Thomas Ulsrud

Kevin Koe

Blake MacDonald

All pics by Bob, taken on Thursday and Friday.

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