January 09, 2009

More Perth Masters

The penalty for losing your first round game last night was an 08.30 early morning start today. Brad Gushue's side was the only one of the five Canadian sides not to get a lie in this morning. Here they are in a tight end against Craig Reid's Galleon team.

Gushue was sharp, despite the early rise, drawing against three at first end! You can find all the Perth Masters scores here. The rest of these pics are from last night.

It was really great to see Christine Shaw back umpiring again, here with Alan Stanfield.

Norway's Thomas Ulsrud is here.

Never mind the discussions of eight ends v ten, most of yesterday evening's games were over after six. And some even less!

Italy's Joel Retornaz

Competition Chairman Peter Loudon was relaxed enough to enjoy his game last night.

Team Murdoch fron end Euan Byers and Peter Smith working hard. Murdoch had a hard game against the Hungarian champions last night after a couple of bad draws saw them surrender a three early. But they earned the extra hours in bed this morning.

Keith Prentice was unlucky with a pickup on a key stone in their game against Ulsrud's Norwegians last night.

Hungary in action.

Gordon Muirhead stepped in as sub for Tom Brewster in last night's game.

Team Glen Muirhead straight off the plane from Copenhagen and on to the ice at Perth... and continued their winning ways! That's Greg Drummond and Glen above.

Duncan Fernie playing last stones for Team Brewster, and his old skip Gordon Muirhead last night.
And this is the caption competition for today. Moray Combe is saying to David Edwards, "Skippy, I have this wee problem with my Rectus Femoris."

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