January 26, 2009

Pay attention to the Ice Bowl this summer

Most will be aware that the Homecoming Scotland celebrations got underway this past weekend. And regular readers of Curling Today will be aware that some time ago I flagged up (here) that the Ice Bowl, Dumfries, was to host an international junior curling camp as one of the many events in the programme for the year.

I have been wondering how this was coming along. And I'm pleased to say that Judith McFarlane, the Royal Club's Development Manager, and local ACDO Graham Sloan, are well advanced with the plans which will be revealed soon. Watch this space! The dates are July 19-25, see here.

The junior camp is not the only thing that will be happening in the Ice Bowl this summer. Dumfries will host its first Summerspiel, see the poster below. This is open to any four curlers, and is NOT a junior only event. It will take place July 17-19, just before the International Junior Camp.

The rink at Dumfries also hosts an end of season junior event - the Dumfries Junior International - and that goes ahead April 3-5. It's a great event, and good fun too, from what I have seen these past couple of years. See some pics of last year here. If you want to play in this you should register your interest with Graham now, if you haven't already done so.

So, three events to look forward to at Dumfries!


Anonymous said...

Dumfries can't make ice in the winter so they have zero chance of making good Ice in the summer!

Anonymous said...

Sorry people these comments should not be allowed

Bob Cowan said...

Yes, I must admit that I am saddened by the ignorance shown by the first anonymous poster.

I could turn comments off, of course, or delete it. But in this case I am tempted to leave it on, if only to show those who enjoy the blog that there are those out there who have... let's just say a less than constructive attitude to our sport.

sandym1 said...

There is no such thing as bad ice and certainly not in the summer - I hope to be able to make it with a team to the Ice Bowl at Dumfries for the sumer spiel