January 25, 2009

Weekend update

There were three sections at Aberdeen, two with six teams and one with seven. How did they get the eight needed for the Scottish Junior Men's finals which go ahead at the Dewar's rinks in Perth, February 4-8?

What happened was this. The top two from each section qualified directly. This saw Glen Muirhead and Colin Howden come through from Section B and Jamie Dick and Michael Reid go forward from Section C. The two third placed teams in these sections played off against each other. Paul Russell matched up against Jay McWilliam. Russell won that game to qualify for the finals.

Section A, with seven teams, was more complicated. Graeme Black's side beat Kerr Drummond's National Academy team in the last round robin game, and that saw Black through, alongside John Penny. But there was a tie for third in the section, the last qualifying place, Stuart Templeton having lost his last game against Derrick Sloan.

Templeton and Drummond contested a tiebreaker. The former had won when the two teams had met on Thursday night, but it was the Drummond team which came through the deciding game.

I mentioned earlier about the BDO Classic in the MTS Centre in Winnipeg. Tom Brewster and his team played five games, won one, lost four. All the results are here. What a tough competition! Glenn Howard and Kevin Martin contested the final.

It is interesting to look at the playing stats which are put up by CurlingZone, who will be doing the Scottish Championships next month with the assistance of local volunteers.

Tom Brewster and Brad Gushue - photo courtesy of Anil Mungal/The Curling News. And if you like pics, there are lots more here.


Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me why there was a tiebreak with drummond & templeton? rules suggest that where 2 teams are tied the round robin result counts - that means templeton should have been ranked higher and therefore qualify?

Bob Cowan said...

I did wonder that too. You have to look ahead in the RCCC Rulebook to Section 27, which is all about tiebreakers.

I think it is clearer from this section why the tiebreaker has to be played.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob, yet again you've clarified. Also I enjoyed looking at the juniors 17 years ago interesting to see the Scottish junior now playing for England.

Bob Cowan said...

Or maybe it isn't!

What is missing of course is a clear statement that you cannot be eliminated from the next stage in a competition without playing an extra game.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what the shake up in team drummond was on the sunday? i heard rumours that James Dunn was skipping??

Anonymous said...

James Lead and skipped. Kerr held brush for James and Blair through last stones. Confused you bet

Anonymous said...

Team Drummond as you see had a difficult weekend and there was a few changes but the finals is a new competition and am sure Kerr will be out there fighting as usual.