January 08, 2009

Heading for Perth

The Ramada Perth Masters, presented by West End Garage, is an event I always look forward to. Until recently it was the only WCT-e event in Scotland, although we have both the Edinburgh International and the Glynhill to enjoy now too. The thirty-two teams in the triple knockout draw at Perth begin play today at 16.45. I've mentioned before (here) the five Canadian teams - will they dominate I wonder - but the foreign visitors include teams from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Hungary. That's Gyorgy Nagy, the Hungarian skip, above.

It's great to see the Hungarians at Perth. Gyorgy's team got the B division bronze at the Europeans recently. Welcome to Scotland. First up for the Hungarians are David Murdoch's European champions at 20.30 this evening.

It was two foreign teams which contested the Edinburgh International final last month. Scottish finalists at Perth? Murdoch? McMillan? Smith? Brewster? Edwards? They are all in the draw. We shall see on Sunday. The top eight from the A, B and C roads contest quarterfinals which are on the ice at 09.00 on Sunday morning.

Did you note too that I've deliberately used a pic of a curler wearing a black uniform at the top of the blog? My New Year resolution is to embrace black, rather than decry it. I think everyone should wear black. Black is back!

Perhaps though the commentators would not agree with my all black proposals. Yes the webcasting team are back this weekend. Copey is in charge of a microphone again!

For details and all the scores, check out the new design Perth Masters website here.

And let's not forget the girls. The International Bernese Ladies Cup has an entry of thirty-two teams. Two are Scottish, skipped by Sarah Reid and Gillian Howard. The GB Olympic squad is there too, Jackie Lockhart skipping this time, it being Kelly Wood's turn to sit out an event. Play begins at Berne at 08.00 on Friday.

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