January 15, 2009

The weekend in prospect

As usual at this time of year, there is so much going on that it is difficult to keep track of it all.

Before I forget though, if you would like to be involved as a volunteer at the Scottish Finals next month, the Royal Club is looking for help with the statistics and results service which is being provided once again by CurlingZone, thanks to support from British Curling. More details are here.

I've already mentioned the Glynhill Ladies International, and I'll be blogging some photos from Braehead, hopefully. It would be great to see the same number of people spectating as there was at Perth last weekend. You'll not see better women's curling in Scotland this season. I just hope, for the sake of the hard-working committee that the event does not encounter ice plant breakdowns and airport problems that caused a headache or three at the inaugural event last season.

The Canadians are touring the country, North and South. Lindsay Scotland is keeping us up to date with the scores here. The Canadians seem to be showing us how the game should be played, but there's a long way to go yet! And I should also not forget the Swiss Tour - bit of a well kept secret this, and somewhat overshadowed by the incoming Canadians. The RCCC website is carrying results here.

The second batch of Seniors qualifiers is on at Forfar. Find these results here. First games are at 10.00 tomorrow (Friday).

The first round of the Bruadar Scottish Championship qualifying begins Friday evening at Perth. Twenty teams have to be cut down to ten over two weekends play. The way this is being done this year is in two sections, the top five in each going through to the finals. Each section has its first four games this weekend. The rest are Jan 30-Feb 1.

Section A includes Keith MacLennan, Logan Gray, Alan Smith, Colin Hamilton, Ian Watt, Jamie Dick, David Edwards, Angus Robertson, David Murdoch and Dillan Perras.

Section B has Hammy McMillan, Lee McCleary, Scott Hamilton, Glen Muirhead, John Hamilton, Neil Joss, Allan Manuel, Warwick Smith, Craig Reid and Tom Brewster.

Last but not least, three Scottish junior teams will be playing in Hamburg in the last of the three WCT-e Junior Tour events. There are just seven teams in the boys' event, including Graeme Black's side who are second in the standings. The EYOF squad (Blair Fraser, Kerr Drummond, Colin Dick, Struan Wood and Jay McWilliam) are also in the event listed under Colin Dick's name. Jennifer Dodds has just four other teams to contend against in the girls event. I haven't been able to find a website for results yet. (Added later. See here.)

Now, have I forgotten anything?

(Added later) Yes, indeed I have. The Four Nations is on at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton!

Top: The Scotch Cup is now the trophy for the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship.


Anonymous said...

the junior mens qualifier is next weekend

Bob Cowan said...

Indeed it is. NEXT weekend, not this one.