January 17, 2009

The big wheel at the Glynhill

The rumour is that the losing teams have to do three circuits on the 'Braehead Eye' (seen here at dawn) tomorrow!

Co-chairman Judith McFarlane takes her turn at the karaoke at the event dinner at the Glynhill last night!

Judith's fan club!

Japan's Anna Ohmiya explains why she always has such a lovely smile.

These girls have been working away. Three wins from their first three games - Linda Klimova's Czech Republic team.

But the biggest smiles at Braehead are Karina Toth's Austrian side - here at last night's dinner. Karina is left with Jacqueline, Jasmine and Constanze.

What do you mean, "Are there any pics of the curling?". Here are Katie Loudon and Claire Milne, who did not want to be reminded that they were run over by the English last night! You can find all the results here!

Russian photo of the day.

This for Lucy's fan club.

Today's caption competition is of the Chief Umpire at work.

So, who was wearing the kinky boots at the dinner last night? They reminded the Ed of his education in the 60s.

Marianne Neeleman it was. I know her dad! Anyway, she is 'Brunette of the Day!

Favourite curling pic from this morning. Kay Adams was skipping the WUG team.

Last of this batch is again from the dinner. WCF Vice President Kate Caithness discusses the finer points of the WCF Rulebook (Section 7, subsection 4, 3.ii) with Canada's Elaine Dagg-Jackson.

Pics by Bob


Anonymous said...

LIB and work don't belong in the same country:-)

Anonymous said...

Caption:- " ... and that right there is where I landed after tripping over this darned measuring stick..."

Anonymous said...

LIB appeals for assistance when he realises he's stuck. Kay just turns away and laughs!!!!