January 06, 2009

Do your stones have pompoms?

With this cold spell of weather, I was wondering this morning on the Scottish Curling Forum if anyone had been curling outside. Mairi Milne was quick to respond and sent these pics as proof. Thanks Mairi!

We're in Inverness on January 3 at the four outdoor rinks owned and maintained by the Highland Curling Club. (Not sure if they are concrete or tarmac base). That's the curling hut behind.

Ian MacDonald's stylish delivery!

No fancy painted circles, just rings scraped with a tee-ringer.

Note the 'dolly' which marks the tee.

Immortalised on the Curling Today blog! Well done everyone and thanks Mairi for making my day by sending these!

Pics courtesy of Mairi Milne. Now, does anyone else have photos of the sport outdoors?
(Editor /at/ scottishcurler.demon.co.uk is where to send them!)

Added later: See here for more about the Inverness rink.


Anonymous said...

I am envious.

Jeemac said...

We were very lucky in Inverness, as freeze has been harder here than in many other parts of the country - and over 100 curlers have had a game at the Highland Club rink at Kingsmills between 28th Dec - 5th January. There are 4 sheets at the rink, they have a concrete base and are sealed with bitumen, and have been in operation for 111 years. They were completely refurbished in 2000, and new floodlights installed then.
There has only been one season -2006/7 - when there was insufficient frost for there to be any play.
The pictures with the Yiner in them, on the outside sheet, are a Highland club game - the other game is between Highland and Dalcross - rinks from Nairn, Belmaduthy, and Muir of Ord have also played there recently, as well as many individual curlers from clubs in Inverness Province.

Bob Cowan said...

Thanks for this Jeemac. Here's to you having many more days on the ice on these super outside rinks!

Anonymous said...

Think a vote of thanks should go to Highland CC who, when the cold snap hit, e-mailed all Clubs to issue an open invitation to participate outdoor.

Much appreciated.

Neil G

Anonymous said...

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