November 05, 2007

Wheels at Inverness

OK, so I'm still at Inverness. The hospitality is so great up here I'm loathe to get down the road and back to work! Anyway, this was the first day of the World Wheelchair Qualifying Competition, and colourful and exciting it was - although somewhat quiet as wheelchair curling is wont to be with no sweeping!

You can find all the results here. And here are a few pics to give you a flavour of the event.

Top: Ian Walkenshaw of Team England. Below: Jalle Jungnell of Sweden; German skip Jens Jager; Eugeniusz Blaszczak of Poland is today's caption competition. (Apologies if I have names wrong) I'll try and post a few more pics tomorrow, then I REALLY must get back to putting December's Scottish Curler together!

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