November 07, 2007

Junior teams abroad

The Royal Club's National Academy teams skipped by Glen Muirhead and Anna Sloan are off today to the Oak Island Junior Cashspiel at the Chester Curling Club in Nova Scotia. There are fifteen junior men and fifteen junior women's teams playing round robins in sections of five. The results should be found on the event's website here. Glen's team is shown here, and Anna's here.

So how did Jamie Dick and Greg Drummond's teams fare last weekend? Jamie Dick, Andrew Williamson, Colin Dick and Andrew Noble (photo here) were beaten in the final of the Ultima Curling Classic at Kitchener-Waterloo.

Greg Drummond, James Dunn, Tom Pendreigh and Kerr Drummond (photo here) won the Consolation event (and 600 dollars) at the OVCA Junior Superspiel in the Ottowa Valley area.

Glen's photo is from the European Mixed Curling Championship in Madrid in September. Anna's pic is from the Gold League Prequalifying event last weekend. Both photos by Bob.

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