November 09, 2007

November's Scottish Curler

They say all good things come to those who wait, and the November Scottish Curler should be (finally!) dropping though your letter box today or tomorrow. I'll not go into the reasons for the delay, let's just say it was a combination of factors in the production process!

So, what's in the magazine this month? I report on the European Mixed, and on the spat between the Royal Caledonian Curling Club Board and the Ladies' Branch. The editorial is entitled 'Are players important anymore?' And the World Curling Federation's decision to celebrate the fifty-first world curling championship, rather than the fiftieth which it should be doing, is called into question!

Copey is 'Looking at the Juniors' in his regular Behind the Glass feature, and Stewarton Heather CC is Club of the Month. David B Smith describes an interesting old medal from Kilmarnock which once belonged to John Mitchell of the Angel Inn.

The Royal Club has launched a 'Fit to Curl' initiative, see more details here. In Holmes in the House the Royal Club's Communications and Marketing Officer, Annette Holmes, explains the new plans for next year's RCCC AGM and Gala Awards Dinner.

Iona Stone from Wales answers this month's Rock Rules conundrum. And all the regular features are there too.

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1 comment:

TCN said...

Bob –

You simply must run a story, or perhaps a sidebar, on just how the heck young Glen Muirhead became a Manitoba-style "tuck" slider.

Winnipeggers are rejoicing, while Glen's various SIS and RCCC coaches must be simply aghast.

Pleaser provide the answer to the "What the...?" query first posed back in March:

Could it have something to do with the fact that all four 'Tobans who defeated Glen's dad at Brandon '95 were tucking down the ice?