November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday at Perth

The Scottish Curler Editor, having celebrated a significant birthday this year, just wishes he was sixteen again. Actually his sixteenth was such a long time ago it is but a forgotten memory! Lauren Gray (above) celebrates her sixteenth today at Perth, playing in the Columba Cream Gold League prequalifying competition. Her skip, Anna Sloan, is also 16. Her teammates, Rhiann Macleod and Caitlin Barr are 17. The youngest team in the competition, the experience they are gaining is invaluable, even if the wins are not necessarily appearing on the board, yet. Last night they played out a great game against favourites Claire Milne, Lynn Cameron, Jacqui Byers and Rachael Simms. This morning they went up against Gillian Howard's experienced foursome of Alison Kinghorn, Jill Donald and Rosemary Arkley and if I just say they came down the tenth 5-5 with last stone advantage, and it went to a measure for game .... you can tell it was a good performance.

Actually, four of the six teams at Perth this weekend who are looking for just three places in the top eight Gold League, are juniors.

Below are some pics of the action from yesterday and this morning. After three games, Claire Milne and Gillian Howard are undefeated, Eve Muirhead has two wins, Claire Hamilton has one, and Anna Sloan and Kay Adams have no wins. You'll find all the results of the weekend here, on the Royal Club website.

I'm off on my travels north now. Apparently the 'old codgers' team of Bob Kelly, Gordon Muirhead, Tom Pendreigh and Robin Copland have actually won some pennies at the Inverness Skins, and have promised me a drink if I mention their names! So I'd better turn up and claim that.

From top: Eve Muirhead is the one shouting. Sarah Macintyre and Vicki Adams are the sweepers; Claire Hamilton (centre) with Jennifer Priestley and Linsey Spence; Claire Milne; Nicola MacDonald and Megan Priestley, from the Kay Adams team, are the sweepers for Annie Barr's stone; Kay Adams puzzles over a decision as Gillian Howard's team watch in the background; Anna Sloan and Claire Milne; Gillian Howard. Photos by Bob.

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