November 26, 2007

New names feature in U17 curling at Greenacres

Gavin, I know how you feel!

The pic is Gavin Reid, things not going too well in the final of the Baljaffray Under-17 event at Greenacres yesterday. Gavin and his team of Calum McLeod, Russell Boyd and Callum Preston came second in the U17 Slam competition. The winners were Alan Inch, Kyle Waddell, Andrew Ballantyne and Craig Waddell (photo below). Twenty-four teams took part. Inch beat Hannah Fleming's side in the semi, and Reid got past Billy Morton's team, with Jay McWilliam skipping, on the other side of the draw. Colin Dick's team of Anna Sloan, Lauren Gray and Struan Wood won the Low Road. All the scores are here. The Slam standings are here.

It was a busy weekend. I visited five rinks in four days - Perth, Aberdeen, Greenacres, Galleon and Ayr, and saw a cross section of Scottish curling, and our curlers in action! Ayr was my last stop and I was impressed to see the rink packed on a Sunday evening with club curlers, of all ages, enjoying their sport. This is what it really is all about.

From top: Gavin Reid; Gavin Reid and Alan Inch in the final (photos by Bob); L-R: Craig Waddell (lead), Andrew Ballantyne (2nd), Alan Inch (skip) and Kyle Waddell (3rd) with competition sponsors Margaret and Jimmy Paul (photo by Hugh Stewart).

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