November 04, 2007

Gold League Qualifiers

Claire Milne's team went undefeated through the Columba Cream Gold League Prequalifying at Perth. Gillian Howard's side lost one game to the Milne side. Three teams were tied on two wins. Eve Muirhead's side got the bye, although Eve herself was sidelined because of illness and Sheila Swan took her place. Claire Hamilton beat Anna Sloan in the first tiebreaker, then went on to defeat the Muirhead side, who had Sheila Swan in as a sub, to qualify her team for the Gold League.

All the linescores are here.

Above 1 L-R: Rachael Simms, Jacqui Byers, Lynn Cameron, Claire Milne (skip). Above 2: Gillian Howard (skip), Alison Kinghorn, Jill Donald, Rosemary Arkley. Above 3: Claire Hamilton (skip), Claire MacDonald, Linsey Spence, Jennifer Priestley. Photos by Bob.

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