September 28, 2007

Notes from the Euro Mixed 5

Adrian Meikle´s Welsh team of Lesley Carol, Chris Wells and Blair Hughes have made it through to the quarterfinals! They beat Hungary in a tiebreaker this afternoon - in an extra end. Exciting it was too.

England were less fortunate. Alan MacDougall´s side had fought back from 1-4 down against the Czech Republic to be just one behind in the eighth. They needed to steal and looked to be in a good position to do so. Alan´s final stone was a guard which just drew too far, allowing Karel Hradec a relatively easy clearance for the win.

So, to summarise the position after all the preliminaries. There were four sections, with six teams in each. Section A saw Scotland qualify top, with the Czech Republic coming through after a tiebreaker. Section B had Germany undefeated, with Austria qualifying after extra games too. In Section C the Russians went undefeated, and Wales came through after a tiebreaker. Four teams finished equal in Section D. Two tiebreakers saw Estonia and Denmark come through. The upset here was the elimination of Switzerland and Sweden.

Quarterfinal lineup:
Sco v Den
Rus v Aut
Ger v Cze
Est v Wal

A few more pics to follow.

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Thanks for all updates. Glad you're enjoying the sun too!