September 04, 2007

Money for ideas

There's an interesting post on the Royal Caledonian Curling Club website today. New Development Manager Judith McFarlane has flagged up the release of the Club Development Manual which is being sent out to every ice rink. The manual provides details on a number of projects, such as corporate sessions, wheelchair come and try, bring a friend, which have been 'tried and tested' at various ice rinks. The aim of the manual is to inspire and assist people to run events in their local rink aimed towards developing curling within Scotland.

Royal Club members are eligible to apply for grants for events which they host in their local ice rink during season 2007-08. Fifteen grants of £200 are available for original ideas, and
fifteen grants of £100 are available for ideas which are based on projects already in the Manual.

Grant funding must be put towards the event running costs or invested in future club development initiatives.

Judith says, "The idea is to get people to share ideas on new initiatives and to build on them to develop curling locally. Gordie (Kennedy) put together the manual and it has some good ideas which hopefully will spur on new initiatives. The Club Development Grants (RCCC) are being used to encourage new projects and to make sure that people don't just leave the manual lying around - it is hoped that this gets used and expanded over the next twelve months and beyond."

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