September 25, 2007

Notes from the Euro Mixed 1

I missed Scotland´s first game against Norway, but by all accounts the Scots did not get out of the blocks quickly and found themselves 6-0 down. Hard to come back from that.

Against the Czech Republic in their second game Glen Muirhead came up an inch short with his last stone of the 5th, and instead of a tied game the Scots were down 2-4. They blanked the sixth and engineered a two at the seventh. They set up the steal well in the last end. Czech skip Karel Hradec just overthrew his final stone and the Scottish supporters breathed a sigh of relief. One loss, one win on Day 1.
Other results here.
Photos: Another member of the Muirhead family, Thomas, watches anxiously. L-R Glen Muirhead, Eve Muirhead, Gordon Muirhead, Anna Sloan.

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