September 07, 2007

Come and Try curling session for the visually impaired

The four-sheet rink at the Green Hotel in Kinross has for a number of years now played host to an enthusiastic group of blind curlers. The Fife Blind Society Curling Club will meet this season on Mondays at 12.30.

To try to expand this branch of the sport for the visually impaired, the rink is to hold a 'Come and Try' session on Saturday, September 22, 10.00 - 12.15.

There will be basic instruction about the game and practice on the ice. The session is FREE.

All that is needed is some warm clothing and the rink will provide the rest of the equipment. Qualified coaches will be on hand to assist.

The Coaching Co-ordinator at the Kinross rink is Ena Stevenson. Contact her on 01383 850257 for further information, and if you are reading this and know someone who is visually impaired who might like to give curling a go, then draw their attention to this post.

Kinross is well known for its promotion of wheelchair curling, and a 'Come and Try' for anyone wanting to experience this will be held on the same day.

Ena Stevenson (above) is an enthusiast without equal when it comes to teaching our sport. She even, occasionally, finds time to play the game herself!

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