September 27, 2007

Notes from the Euro Mixed 4

A Scotland v England encounter in any sport, including curling, always has an extra edge. Anna Sloan, Gordon Muirhead, Eve Muirhead and Glen Muirhead slugged it out against Suzie Law, Andrew Reed, Lana Watson and Alan MacDougall in their last section game, both teams on identical 3-1 win-loss records. It was a ´nip and tuck´affair (quote from an unbiased observer).

I saw it as a game of great shots - Glen´s draw against three at the second end was one such. And it was a game of missed opportunities - Alan was an inch short at the fourth which would have seen his team take a two shot lead.

Tension, drama, excitement there was, right down to last stone of the eighth. And then into an extra end!

Who won? The English four captured the hearts and minds, and may well have been shown to have been ahead in the stats, had there been any at the event. But it was the Scottish side which was victorious on the night. Scotland is through to the quarterfinals!

MacDougall´s four are not out of it. They finished on the same ranking as the Czech Republic, and will contest a tiebreaker tomorrow for the second qualifying slot from Section A.

Oh, I forgot. As I type this in an Internet cafe just along from the arena, it is a beautiful summer evening. There is a blue sky..........

Photos tomorrow. The quarters are in the evening so there may, or may not, be a late post when they are finished. You can get all the results on the official website here.

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