September 29, 2007

Dragon rules in Madrid

From top: The European Mixed Curling Champions, Wales. L-R: Adrian Meikle, Lesley Carol, Andrew Tanner, Blair Hughes, Chris Wells; Celebrations; Adrian Meikle; Hard work; Joel Ostrowski; Camilla Jensen.
So how did it happen? Denmark one up in the eighth. Wales have hammer. Two stones to come. Joel plays a clearance which moves his own shot stone. From facing a difficult draw to tie the game, suddenly Adrian has a free draw for the championship. No mistake. Wales have the title.
A review of the event tomorrow, I'm off to help the Welsh celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your photos and commentary this week. Enjoy yourself tonight!!

Anonymous said...

A great Week with great pics This Blog can only get better
Washington Jim

Jim said...

If you have a sair heid in the morning I think you probably have earned it!!