September 28, 2007

Notes from the Euro Championships 6: Scots lose in quarterfinals, but Welsh move forward

Anna Sloan (16), Eve Muirhead (17), Glen Muirhead (18) and Gordon Muirhead (53 but nearer 63 after this week) have done Scotland proud! They reached the quarterfinals of the Euro Mixed Curling Championship in Madrid but that was as far as they could go. Against a Danish team firing on all cylinders and with a skip Joel Ostrowski who never missed a shot, they went into the last end one behind. The Scots lay two but the Dane played the double for the win.

Elsewhere Germany rolled over the Czech Republic, and Austria upset Russia at an extra end. But it was the Welsh team of Adrian Meikle, Lesley Carol, Andrew Tanner and Blair Hughes who were the heroes of the night, beating Estonia. Results are here.

A few photos to come shortly.

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