September 24, 2007

100 up for Curling Today

Well, this is the 100th post to the Curling Today blog! When I started off back at the end of last season (April 22 to be precise), I was following in the footsteps of the Canadian publication The Curling News, whose editor George Karrys had been blogging away for a while (see here). I was unsure of two things. Would there be much news to report on over the summer months which might be of interest in particular to curlers on this side of the pond, and would anyone even bother to look at the site. I have been surprised and delighted on both counts. Thanks to all who log on regularly. I appreciate your support, and I hope what you find here is informative.

I've been asked if the blog will continue through the season. The blog exists of course primarily to complement and promote the Scottish Curler magazine. October's magazine is currently being printed, and the plans for November's issue are well in hand. It is certainly the intention of the Scottish Curler team to continue to post current news items to the blog, as these becomes available. The print magazine will have a news summary as before, as well as the other features, reports, comment, and photographs that make it a publication that curlers want to read.

And of course the Scottish Curler now has its own website.

Talking of photographs, the Scottish Curler Photography site has undergone a makeover for the new season. This site simply showcases some of the best photos from the magazine's photographers that come across the Editor's desk, many of which don't make it into print. The new season gallery is now open, and a selection of the best, most interesting, pics will be added here as the season progresses! If you need a photo for a specific purpose, all are available to purchase.

The European Mixed Championship begins tomorrow (already previewed here), and with any luck my 101st post will be from Madrid. In the meantime you can find the results on the event website here. Scotland's first game is Tuesday against Norway.

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