March 04, 2009

March 2009 Scottish Curler

The March Scottish Curler magazine has been published and is on its way to subscribers today. The cover photo, by Richard Gray, is of Eve Muirhead whose teams won the Scottish Junior Championship and the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Campionship last month. A most deserving cover girl indeed!

Curling Today, Sweepings, Curling World, the Maryel Interview, Looking Back, the Historical Bit, the Extra End, the Caption Competition, and the Club News pages are all there, together with reports of all that happened on the ice last month!

The Editor had a problem! I had been expecting publication of the Vernon Report, and had held back a page to summarise the findings. When it didn't appear, I did something I don't usually do - I speculated what the report will contain. You will no doubt be interested, as indeed I will be, to see if any of my speculation translates into fact, when (if) the report is published!

Of course, as I have already indicated (see here), the Scottish Curler magazine is heading into a future that I am not part of. I will be Editor for just two more issues, the first of these already in preparation. Can I make a plea? Send me some letters to publish - on any subject, but perhaps especially your memories of the magazine over the last 55 years, and if it has made a difference to you, or to the curling world! It has always disappointed me that so few readers put pen to paper, and of course in the days of the Web there are more immediate ways to make one's opinions known, such as the Scottish Curling Forum. But, as we know, our sport's governing body is not a big fan of forums with anonymous posts and the use of avatars, so if you have something to say in print, in an independent Scottish Curler which is still widely read, you have only a little more time to do so.

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Thanks, Bob


Anonymous said...

were you standing in the middle of the sheet to take the front cover picture bob!?

Bob Cowan said...

No, Richard has a much much bigger one than me which allows him to do it from the far end!