March 20, 2009

"Haggis gets a bad rap"

If you have a spare twenty minutes this weekend, then have a listen to Dean Gemmell's interview with David Murdoch on The Curling Show.

The relaxed Murdoch talks about team selection, practice, his daily routine as a professional curler, promotion of the sport in Scotland, blue blazers, and representing GB, as well as many other things. How do you think he responds when asked about Vernon - the Watergate of Scottish Curling? Listen in and find out!

If you have heard The Curling Show before, you will be used to Gemmell's style. If not, then you might find the whole thing a bit odd. But David handles the interview with his usual professionalism, and listening to it will be revealing to those who don't know him as a person.

David Murdoch pic by Bob.


Dean Gemmell said...

Thanks for the link to the interview, Bob. David was as I expected — personable, unflappable, full of good humor.

I didn't realize that my show might be "odd." I'll take that with good humor, too. Better than "dull."

I enjoy your blog. And Haggis.



Peter de Boer said...

Great interview - thanks for posting Bob. Dave always speaks very well and played a few tricky ones with a nice straight bat!!

Anonymous said...

Haha loved it! great link.

Best bit was: "Haggis, aye thats top of the menu!"

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