March 19, 2009

How to speak Korean

The end of the curling season is rushing towards us. This weekend sees the Scottish Wheelchair Curling Championship at Curl Aberdeen, and the National Pairs at Stranraer. I'm relegated to following the results from the Royal Club website, as I suspect many of you will too.

Of course, it's all happening on the other side of the world. Gangneung, Korea, is the venue for the Mount Titlis World Women's Championship. That's our team above - Isobel Hannen is coach, Jackie Lockhart is alternate, Anne Laird lead, Rachael Simms second, Karen Addison third and Eve Muirhead skip. And the event mascot is on the left!

No-one is really expecting the team to be in the medal zone. For many of us, it will be entirely satisfactory if the women put up a good show, enjoy themselves on and off the ice, and come home as a team without any controversy! RCCC Ladies' Branch President Sheila Miller has been learning a few words of Korean. When I saw her at the airport on Tuesday, as we met the Juniors home from Vancouver, she was practising some Korean phrases (see here). For those interested in language studies, and how the language is written, see more about Hangul here.

"Jjimjilbangeun iyonghaji aneulgeomnida" - I don't want to use the sauna room
"Yogi kyesanso chom kacho-oseyo" - Please bring me the check
"Matsaji seobiseureul batkko sipseumnida" - Our team has four players this year.

Anyway, enough nonsense. The Scots open their account against the home favourites on Saturday. The event website is here (beware sound). Mike Haggerty will be in Korea, and his first words are on the Royal Club website here, with reports after every one of the eleven Scottish games.

This is the venue. It houses two ice rinks, one on the ground floor, the other in the basement.

And this is the hotel where the officials and VIPs are staying. Yes, it does look like a ship which has run aground. Is there some sort of hidden inference here?

Team pic by Bob. Others from the event website.

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