March 08, 2009

A look at the Masters

I was able to make a couple of visits to Greenacres over the past days to see some of the play in the National Masters Championships. You can find the results all here. Here are some pictorial impressions!

Janette Wilson with an audience!

Jim Bryson with a distinctive sweeping style. The stone has been digitally removed from the pic. Put your X where you think it should be.

Bob Smellie - you all know by now what I would like to say, but I'm not going to say it! It really is awful though, isn't it.

And here's another. Good curler though this week. Jim Stevenson's team made it to the semis.

An aside. This is Lynne, Jim Stevenson's other (some would say, better) half. Lynne, you are hereby appointed as the Scottish Curler fashion correspondent!

Greenacres will be thirty years old in September! Richard, are we having a party?

Hugh Stewart

Isobel Waddell and Maggie Mauchline working hard.

Gifford Rickard

"You know it's really thoughtful of the Greenacres' management to put in this little bench seat behind the head for the oldies' competitions."

Today's caption competition. Liz Boswell and Pat Galloway.

Margaret Paul

Team MacDonald in action.

Greenacres was a busy place this week... especially behind the head on sheet F on Thursday in the Sutherland - Bryson encounter!

Remember the Olympics?

Team Letton action draws attention from an adjacent rink.

Umpire Betty Montgomery gives Gordon McIntyre high style marks.

Willie Shanks

Kirsty Letton

My former skip and old friend David Horton. Great to see him on the ice. I was in David's company last night as we were celebrating friends' Jan and David Howard's 40th wedding anniversary (congratulations to them, and great party too in Skelmorlie). I had found an old photo of David from 1961. Even wife Maureen had difficulty picking him out of the group pic - from the first inter-city schools' match - which will no doubt go up on the History Blog once I accumulate more Crossmyloof memories!

Pics by Bob.

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