March 24, 2009

The End

If you are missing Curling Today, please go here.

I refer to my previous post here. The April Scottish Curler magazine goes to print tomorrow with the following statement from the publisher, Clyde and Forth Press:

"Despite our exhaustive efforts to find a new publisher for the Scottish Curler we have not been successful. Therefore, regrettably, the Scottish Curler will cease to be published after the forthcoming May edition. Subscribers who have paid for editions into next season will have outstanding amount from their subscriptions refunded. Readers will receive a direct communication to this effect in due course."

I would like to thank all those who have supported the magazine during my tenure as Editor over the past seven years, and to all who have contributed, especially the Team - you know who you are!

This news means that this is the last post on the Curling Today blog, whose purpose has been to promote and support the magazine.

This link is to my own personal blog (it's an addiction) if you want to follow what the future holds for me. There may even be the odd piece of curling news there. If you want to contribute to discussions on the future of curling communication in Scotland, then the Scottish Curler Forum is where to go.

Curling Today's old posts (all 864 of them) will stay live for a while.

David Smith and I intend to continue with the Curling History blog, and maybe I'll have time soon to contribute more to this.

I'm still looking for your memories of the Scottish Curler, which was first published in January 1954, for the final May issue. These and personal messages can be sent to: Hoglinewamphray /at/, or to the addressses in the front of the printed magazine.

Thank you to all who have read and followed the blog, and goodbye for now.



Anonymous said...

Missing you already!

TCN said...

A sad day.

Best regards and happy blogging from the cottage!

McWomble said...


This is just plain wrong!

Jayne said...

Thanks for all the hours you put in updating the blog. I think that I will be speaking on behalf of a lot of curlers in saying that it will be sorely missed.

Struan Macnee said...

Very sorry to hear this. Thanks for everything. All the best for the future.


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the interesting news we could read here in the past! was always a good place to get news from the scottish curling scene!

thank you, bob, for the time you spent with updating the blog!

cheers from switzerland!

Peter de Boer said...


Your straight-talking, humour and coverage of everything and anything to do with curling will be missed down under!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

.....the most comprehensive interesting and tactile coverage of anything curling has gone. Why has this been allowed to happen?

Anonymous said...

There will be no more arguments as who gets to read the Curler first.
Thank you Bob for all the news and especially your editorial.Plain talking and a lot of sense!
Best wishes

Jyrkki said...

Why is ending my favourite websites?

Thanks for all post and Magazines too ;)

Regards, Good Curling
Jyrkki from Hungary

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Calle said...