March 18, 2009

How the Gold was won

Two years ago I was able to watch the World Junior final from Eveleth, as a webcast on my computer. Last year, the game was also available as a webcast, a joint venture between the WCF and Curlingkanalen. This year... nothing!

Is this progress? No it is not. We are going backwards in the promotion of the sport. We should all be bombarding the World Curling Federation and telling those in charge that they really should be getting the finger out, and thinking about the junior game, and thinking about us fans!

But Grumpy here is digressing. What brought on this morning's rant was that someone has gone to the trouble to post a video of the last couple of stones of the final on You Tube. Well done, and many many thanks to GoF for this. The link is here. And I've embedded it below. Enjoy.

Jim Law's photo above shows the position after Eve's last stone, and before Kaitlyn's final delivery. The Canadians are in a timeout. The video shows how the Scotland stone got there and what happened next.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob, what are we going to do without you?

Mike Ferguson said...

Well done Bob, wouldn't have missed viewing that and I agree we must push for web casting from the WCF. Regards Mike F.

Anonymous said...

It was really good to see these last two stones plus the celebration - agree strongly about lack of webcam, particularly as the only live scoring site was Curlit and it went down for almost all of the final due to overload. VERY frustrating!

Anonymous said...

What fun if the Canadian skip had made the shot. Looks to me like she was the best part of foot over the hogline with her delivery

Jim Law said...

Unfortunately it appears to have been VANOC the Vanocouver Olympic Committee, organising the Olympics, who ran the event on their terms and ignored many pieces of advice given by the local WJCC curling committee. Also a contributing factor may have been the Brier which was run at the same time and every round was covered by TSN2.
Imagine it 9+ hours of curling TV a day for 8-9 days showing the Worlds best play.
As such it was out of the WCF's.
Curlit crashed due to overload frequently which was really annoying if you wanted to remember a shot or missed one!
Jim Law

Jim Law said...

Looking back at the photo and as can be seen in the video. Eve played and called a great draw right round the guards and onto the button, behind the guard. A fraction of her stone could be seen. Kaitlyn Lawes and Jenna Loder and then the rest of her team could not make up their mind on the shot to be played and eventuslly called a time out. Choice was a angled raised take out on one or other of the Scottish guards or a clipped take out on the shot stone. She made a choice well after the coach left, went upto the hack, changed her mind, came back down and eventually played the take out shot. Fortunately for Scotland wide and too heavy.