April 06, 2008

World Men's Curling Championship 3

Sunday morning and it's time for Scotland's second game, against Norway. You may remember back in December the same teams met in the final of the European Championships, Scotland came out the winner of that one. Could they get over their shock defeat by the Czech Republic yesterday and win against Norway again?

First end, Norway's Thomas Ulsrud didn't quite make his two shots, David Murdoch had a draw for four, were the Scots on a roll? It looked like it, by the fifth they had a three shot lead.

Things went a little bit wrong in the seventh, David Murdoch called a double take out with the last stone of the end, just one stone went, Norway stole a single and the lead was cut to one.

The Scots took two in the eighth when Murdoch a hit on a Norweigan stone not quite frozen on a Scots' counter, they went into the ninth three up. Scotland lay one biting the one foot behind two guards, Ulsrud tried a draw to out count it but drew on to the Scottish stone, Scotland had stolen and Norway conceded the game, score 10/6.

There was just one other game in this draw, USA v The Czech Republic, and the Czechs did it again, they're unbeaten on 2/0.

In the ninth end Peter Annis, lead for the USA, limped off and alternate Kevin Kakela got his chance to throw some stones while Annis watched from the sidelines with an ice pack on his knee.

Find the linescores from the championship here. And the event website is here.

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