April 12, 2008

World Men's Curling Championship 14: Scotland beats Canada to reach final

The Page 1-2 game wasn't for the faint hearted, Scotland against Canada, the winner to the final, the loser to play Norway for the second final place.

Canada had last stone for the first end, that was blanked they got three in the second, Scotland got two in the third then gave up another three in the fourth to trail by four shots. Was this going to be a short game?

Scotland blanked the fifth and got two in the sixth, it was looking a bit better, then it got a lot better. In seven Canadian skip Kevin Martin wrecked, Scotland stole a single. Canada blanked the eighth. End nine Martin tried a tap back, it just moved the Scottish counter a few inches, Scotland stole and the game was tied going into the final end.

David Murdoch and his team kept their heads, they lay two shots after David's last stone, it was wide open. Martin elected to draw to the first shot, he was little bit wide his stone gently tapped the Scottish stone on the shoulder, Scotland stole one for the game 7/6.

David Murdoch, Graeme Connal, Peter Smith and Euan Byers are into Sunday's final, they are guaranteed at least a silver medal.

Find the linescores from the championship here. The event website is here. Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here. The CurlingZone team, Gerry Geurts and Dallas Bittle, have an event blog here.

Top: David Murdoch and Kevin Martin
Above: Team Canada
Pics by Hugh Stewart


Anonymous said...

Based upon their page playoff victory against Canada, the Scottish team will not be sacked at this moment.

Anonymous said...

The Scottish girls should look at Murdoch's team and take their example how to pull through after a disappointing start