April 04, 2008

Dumfries Junior International

The Dumfries Junior International got underway at the Ice Bowl today. Thirty-two teams are taking part, in a competition organised by Area Development Officer Graham Sloan and his committee. So who's the young curler in the photo above?

Well, one of the novel features which Graham has made part of the event is to have some of his young development teams taking part. Christine Swan, at just eleven, only started curling this season, a product of the RCCC Curling's Cool programme. Enthusastic? Absolutely, and so encouraging to see. Star of today's Curling Today blog, and, who knows, a star of the future!

Robert Adam piped the competitors on to the ice.

Hamilton McMillan and his team, who were runners-up in the Perth U-17 event yesterday, were on the ice again today, but came second against Ben Parker's Canadian team, skipped by Chris MacRae. Ben had taken ill on the trip over and was recovering in Dumfries Royal Infirmary. Word is that he is making a good recovery. Hope to see him at the rink before the weekend is over.

This is Sara Spafford, who plays fourth stones for Lindsay Doucet's Nova Scotia team.

Greg Drummond in full voice.

Who said curling isn't colourful? Jaap van Dorp and his team are on their third visit to Dumfries.

Pics by Bob.

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GO TEAMS FROM Nova Scotia!
Lindsay's DAD